Custom made music to match the look and feel of your visual content

The goal for Bombas was to connect in a way that felt mysterious, but hopeful. The use of movement and constant build played a big role in pushing this video forward while still matching the visual aesthetics. 

For this short piece, we wanted to capture a groove as quick as possible but maintain a natural feel. With the help of all live instruments, the wall of engagement was crumbled with the kick drum.

The second in a series of promotional videos for Primavera Online High School. Taking from 80s movie classics for an on the nose throw back. 

This spot required the perfect melding of the 1980's and now. Throwback tongue-in-cheek synths were used with a modern feel to achieve a sound that compels listeners to engage in the visual content. 

Drawing from influences like Napoleon Dynamite and Raising Arizona this music was created to reach a specific demographic without being so indie that it was lost on some. 

For this spot something had to be created that would appeal to everyone. The commercial was to be aired during the Super Bowl so a broad audience had to be taken into account. The adventurey movement of rhythmic drums against the calm piano help put a focus on the narration while setting an inviting tone. 

For the Kona Ice piece we wanted to help brand the video with custom background audio that helped push the identity of the company. 

For cincytech we decided to drive the video percussively and integrate live performance. Simplistic melody and percussive flair keeps the melody moving around.